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Corporate Speaking Events

"Judy positively affects the lives of those she speaks to..."


Judy speaks to small board rooms and large corporate crowds. Each presentation is highly engaging and entertaining, while tailored to your company's specific needs.

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Corporate Retreats, Lunch and Learns, Lecture Series

and more...


“Discovering and Cultivating your Passion”

“The Power of Keeping Your Promises”

“Size Matters”


Health and Wellness

“Grocery Store Must Haves for Longer Life”

“10 Tips to a Younger You”

 “Diabetes Education: The Only Way to Snuff it Out”

“Hormones: Getting Your Life Back”

“Inflammation: Putting out the Fire that Causes Disease”

“10 Ways to Improve Health and Increase Longevity”

“Top 10 Tips for a Healthier Family”       


HR Specific

“Are Your Lunch Options Killing Productivity” – HR accredited

“Healthy Leadership Starts at the Top”

“Motivating Employees to Make Healthier Choices”

“Human Capital: Your Greatest Investment”

“7 Steps to a Healthier Company”

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