Judy at Utah Valley University (UVU)  presenting as part of the Mastermind Series. "Finding & Developing Your Passion" is just one of the many topics that Judy can present. 


"Delightful. Nailed the objectives! You had us eating out ot the palm of your hand. Excellent job."

- Jacqueline Martin

"What a powerful message for all of us. We can be angels." - Diana Patton

"Great Job. Always a pleasure to hear you speak." - Sonja Leonard

"Judy, well delivered! Passionate! Purposeful!" - Barbara Farmer

"Thank you, Judy, for reminding me that God is watching and cares for me. Awesome speech." Stephanie Bach

"You are an amazing story teller - evoking emotions ranging from laughter to tears and everything in between. Thank you for sharing your heart." - Nicole Smith

"Great storytelling! You are a natural speaker that keeps the audience engaged." - Jonathan Swiatocha

"Judy did a wonderful job engaging and connecting with our audience... She mixed and mingled so effortlessly, speaking and engaging with skill and a touch of humor.  I am excited to hear her again at another future event. "  - Debra Sanford, Women of Visionary Influence Inc. (WOVI) Director and President of Arlington Mid Cities Chapter.