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 Changing Lives.
It's time to be the best YOU!

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Available in-person, virtually, or by phone!

Judy's Goal...

My goal is to be a beacon of light for others. I want everybody to experience life to its fullest, and I believe everybody can. I am an award-winning author who has now published 7 books (working on the next!), a motivational speaker, and host of the Stay Young America! podcast. As a health and wellness expert who often reports on the latest medical research studies, I am a regular on Fox News Radio. When I'm not busy writing, or speaking, I am busy as the CEO of a luxury medical practice, Executive Medicine of Texas, which attracts patients from around the globe.


"Delightful. Nailed the objectives! You had us eating out ot the palm of your hand. Excellent job." - Jacqueline Martin

"What a powerful message for all of us. We can be angels." - Diana Patton

"Great Job. Always a pleasure to hear you speak." - Sonja Leonard


"Judy, well delivered! Passionate! Purposeful!" - Barbara Farmer


"Thank you, Judy, for reminding me that God is watching and cares for me. Awesome speech." Stephanie Bach


"You are an amazing story teller - evoking emotions ranging from laughter to tears and everything in between. Thank you for sharing your heart."

- Nicole Smith

"Great storytelling! You are a natural speaker that keeps the audience engaged." - Jonathan Swiatocha

Media Experience

Hundreds of television and radio appearances

Published articles in both print and online magazines and blogs

2-Page feature in Epoch Times for award-winning and best-selling memoir, Love, Life & Lucille

Multi-award winning author of 7 books

Award-winning speaker and presenter

Hosted nationally syndicated Staying Young Radio Show for a decade

Host of the popular Stay Young America! podcast

Go-to media expert for all health, wellness, and longevity topics


Based out of Dallas, TX


Speaking Topics

Every speech that Judy delivers is packed with great takeaway points. Your audience will laugh, sometimes cry, but always have an “ah-ha” moment. While most people choose from the list below, custom messages can be crafted to meet the needs of your audience or event.

Most Popular Topics

Legacy Leadership

5 Things a Centenarians Taught Me About Leadership

6 Secrets to a Longer Life (Tips from the Centenarians)

Why Perspective Matters to Your Personal Longevity

7 Foods that Help Relieve Stress

Is Your Screen Time Causing Premature Aging?

5 Health Tests You Should Have and When



Discovering and Cultivating your Passion

The Power of Keeping Your Promises

Size Matters


Discovering and Cultivating Your Passion

What makes You Different, Makes You Great


Health and Wellness

Grocery Store Must-Haves for Longer Life

10 Tips to a Younger You

Diabetes Education: The Only Way to Snuff it Out

Hormones: Getting Your Life Back

Inflammation: Putting out the Fire that Causes Disease

10 Ways to Improve Health and Increase Longevity

Top 10 Tips for a Healthier Family       


HR Specific

Are Your Lunch Options Killing Productivity – HR accredited

Healthy Leadership Starts at the Top

Motivating Employees to Make Healthier Choices

Human Capital: Your Greatest Investment

7 Steps to a Healthier Company

Available in-person, virtually, or by phone!

Thank you! Looking forward to reading your message.

Judy Gaman

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