Love, Life, and Lucille

About the Book:

Judy Gaman, a feisty professional in her forties, found that she was trapped in the unrelenting world of workaholism, the very trap she had resented her parents for falling into when she was a child. She was so busy making a name for herself that she barely took the time to meet a stranger, forgive those who had wronged her, or just stop to breathe.

Judy was immersed in her job as the director of business development for a high-profile medical practice, a job that included writing health and wellness books and hosting a nationally syndicated radio show. Every day was full speed ahead and no looking back. That is, until the day she met Lucille Fleming.

While working on a book about longevity, Judy interviewed Lucille, an elegant and spirited woman who had just recently turned 100. Lucille was larger than life. What began as a quick meeting became a lasting friendship that transformed into an inseparable bond. Lucille brought incredible wisdom and great stories, while Judy provided avenues for excitement and new opportunities. Together, the two were living life to the fullest, while meeting the most interesting people along the way.

Lucille’s lessons would reshape Judy’s life, changing her path forever. When Lucille’s life came to an end through unexpected and unfortunate circumstances, the very first lesson that Lucille had taught Judy proved to be the most important. Lucille’s secret to living a long and meaningful life is one that must be shared. Everyone needs a Lucille in their life, and this book is the way to bring her to them.

Love, Life, and Lucille is about the one lesson we all need to learn in order to live together in peace and harmony. I can think of no other time in history when this story of forgiveness and unconditional love would be more appropriate or important.


The reader will laugh, cry, and be madder than hell, but by the end of the book, they will see the world a little differently. They will see it through the eyes of Lucille, a centenarian who wore ribbons in her hair and an infectious smile on her lips. A woman who has been there, done that, and left Judy to tell about it.

© 2017 by Judy Gaman.

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