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Love, Life, and Lucille:
Lessons Learned from a Centenarian

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In my feisty forties, I found myself trapped in the unrelenting world of workaholism, the very trap I had resented my own parents for falling into when I was a child.

I was so busy making a name for myself that I barely took the time to meet a stranger, forgive those who had wronged me, or just to stop and breathe.


I was immersed in my job as the Director of Business Development for a high-profile medical practice, a job that included writing health and wellness books and hosting a nationally syndicated radio show. Every day was full speed ahead and no looking back.


That is, until the day I met Lucille Fleming.






While working on a book about longevity, I interviewed Lucille, an elegant and spirited woman who had just recently turned 100. Lucille was larger than life. What began as a quick meeting became a lasting friendship that transformed into an inseparable bond.


Lucille brought incredible wisdom and great stories, while I contributed avenues for excitement and new opportunities for Lucille. Together, the two of us were living life to the fullest, while meeting the most interesting people along the way.

Lucille’s lessons would reshape my life, changing my path forever. When Lucille’s life came to an end through unexpected and unfortunate circumstances, the very first lesson that Lucille had taught me proved to be the most important.


Lucille’s secret to living a long and meaningful life is one that must be shared. Everyone needs a Lucille in their life, and through my memoir, I can share her joyful longevity secrets with others. 

'Love, Life and Lucille' is about a crucial lesson we all need to learn in order to live together in peace and harmony. I can think of no other time in history when this story of forgiveness and unconditional love would be more appropriate or important.

You will laugh, cry, and be madder than hell, but by the end of the book, they will see the world a little differently. You will see things through Lucille's wise outlook... a centenarian who wore ribbons in her hair and an infectious smile on her lips. A woman who has been there, done that, and left me the honor of telling about it. For this, I am eternally grateful.

I can think of no other time in history when this story of forgiveness and unconditional l
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“Part Memoir, part tribute...Alternately witty and touching.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Lucille captured the lives of so many in the Dallas area and around the country. This is a behind the scenes look at how Lucille and Judy forged an inseparable bond. A story that had to be told!” – Jane McGarry, host, Good Morning Texas

“Grab a tissue and strap in! This emotionally charged memoir will have you busting out laughing one minute and crying the next. Judy paints the picture masterfully and leaves the reader forever touched by Lucille’s wisdom. My listeners still talk about how charming Lucille was, even years after interviewing her!” -Marybeth Conley, News Channel 3 Live@9 and The Marybeth Conley Show, KWAM990

“I’ve traveled the globe studying people who live past their 100th birthday. What an amazing and emotional story about how friendship really knows no age. We can all learn something from this book.  Prepare to laugh, cry, and laugh again – sometimes all in the same chapter!” - Nick Buettner, Program Director, Blue Zones Project

"Judy Gaman writes from the heart, with honesty, humility, and tenderness. This story offers a profound and invaluable lesson, but it also grabs you from the first chapter and keeps you reading. What a treat! A wise page-turner. Wish there were more out there like it.” William Kenower, Author of Fearless Writing, and Editor-in-Chief of Author magazine.

“So excited to see “Firecracker” Lucille come to life in these pages. She left an impression on all of us.” Hector Ortiz, Catcher/Bullpen Coach Texas Rangers #4

“Riveting, heartwarming, emotionally moving, and beautifully written in a folksy manner, Judy Gaman’s latest book, Love, Life, and Lucille, is an easy read and must-read for ALL!!” – Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills family and relationship psychotherapist, author The Self-Aware Parent, and co-star on Sex Box WE tv.

“Our book club laughed and cried through Love, Life, and Lucille. This book demonstrated how we can learn from each other at any age and opened up many discussion topics: including respect for your fellow man, true friendship, and finding care through the end-of-life process. The author was genuine and vulnerable and we learned that it is never too late to find a friend who can truly change our life! We highly recommend Love, Life and Lucille for book clubs of all sizes.  Non-readers are missing out!” - Ninfa Flewitt, Mineral Wells Book Club


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