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Spring Into Action

Just like Spring, we should all be in bloom. As I was planting my garden about a month ago, I noticed a few things worth sharing. These things aren't just true for planting and harvesting beautiful fruits, vegetables, and flowers, they're truths about life in general.

Assess your soil - When I first set out to plant, I realized that my planter beds were low. The harsh rains and long Fall and Winter had taken a toll on the ground. It looked dull and old. It reminded me of my own body. I had spent so many busy months just surviving, that I was tired and missing what I would need to bloom in my next season of life.

So, just like my soil, it was time to restore my body and soul. I got to work. I started a new exercise program, took a week to go completely vegetarian, and got back to reading my scriptures and writing in my journal on a daily basis. It didn't take long to see that I was getting stronger and more vibrant.

Plant accordingly - Each plant I placed in my garden came with instructions. The details included how deep to place the seeds and how far apart in both directions. These instructions weren't there to complicate the gardening process, but rather to give the plant enough space above and below ground to grow and mature.

Having my last child at home, one that is soon to be off to college, I was inspired to give him more space. Like the seed, we can't dig our children up every day to see if they're growing, we just have to trust that we planted accordingly and the rest is up to them. So, I decided to feed and water my teenage son, but stop analyzing the processes, give him space to grow.

The harvest is worth the wait - Years ago I gardened, but usually cheated a bit. I would buy the tomato plants that already had tomatoes on the vine. This way I was assured they would produce. Over time, I realized to trust my own abilities.

I bought small plants without blooms and even seeds, learning the age-old virtue of patience. For the most part, my plants blossomed and I had a harvest. Somehow, those harvests were the sweetest, most rewarding of them all.

Celebrate small victories - Today I walked past my tomato plants and spotted a small green tomato dangling halfway down the stalk. It was a reminder that every great endeavor starts with small and sweet victories.

This spring, take a moment to assess your current condition and don't be afraid to till your life to breath new life into it. Replenish and restore your mind, body, and spirit in the best ways you know how. Then, sit back and have patience. As the small victories come, cherish them. And when it's time for the harvest, share the sweetness of your labor.

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