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How to Survive a Breakup: Judy Gaman Interviewed on Heartbreak to Happiness

Original Interview on Heartbreak to Happiness with Sara Davison

Breakups are difficult. Letting go and embracing the tough changes that come with a marriage dissolving is very difficult. Judy shares some great advise for surviving this life change. on her guest interview session with divorce coach Sara Davison, on the podcast, Heartbreak to Happiness.

Even more challenging? Blending a family. Judy Gaman and her husband joined in union with 10 kids...his, hers and theirs. Judy advises us to look back on your failed relationship and see what you can reflect on as far as what you could have done better. When you bring this into a new relationship, and you've really done some soul searching, you can bring the best you into your new relationship.

Another great tip is to realize that you can't always change what your partner does that you don't like or agree with, but you can always control your reaction to it. What areas can you improve on?

Summoning the courage to take the risk of jumping into a new relationship is also a tough step. Be careful with online dating. Judy advises us to try to meet somebody through a person that you know. This way, you have an idea of what type of person you are meeting, and you're not going into things completely blinded.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety here:


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