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Judy Gaman Featured on FOX News: How to Safely Prepare for a Doctors Appointment

Woman in car is wearing a mask while communicating with the doctor who writes down diagnosis

Video originally appeared on FOX23 News.

COVID has put a real strain on getting the healthcare we need and deserve. For instance, we are wearing masks these days when we are indoors with others to slow or prevent the spread of the virus. Communicating effectively with doctors and nurses is critical for getting the right treatment for your ailment, and masks make this difficult. So much of how we communicate depends on facial expressions and reading lips, as most of us have learned through the pandemic.

Communicating Effectively with Doctors

One way to overcome this hurdle is to communicate through writing. Write down your questions and symptoms before you visit the doctor's office and, as Judy advises, don't be afraid to ask the doctor to write down any significant information he or she communicates to you. This way, mistakes in diagnosis and treatment can be avoided.

Learn more tips for advocating for yourself on your next doctor's visit by watching the complete, short video here: FOX23 News


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